Touch is one of the basic human needs and it is the element which makes the power of massage unlimited.


Mesotherapic technique that is carried out only on the feet and hands, extremely enjoyable and stimulating to a large number of nerve endings that are found in these areas. It is based on the principle of folders or micro body that reveals a picture of the potential physical imbalance or trauma. Treatment points provoke knee-jerk response of some organs or organ systems.


It is characterized by a holistic approach to health as well as single agents (essential oil) then activation of psychological-immunological mechanisms to help a person from a state of illness or discomfort to go to health or well-being and the preservation of mental and physical balance. The therapist, in agreement with the client chooses the technique and essences that will be used in the treatment.


Connective tissue massage is one of the classic mesotherapic techniques, it feels extremely solid and fierce. Technique works on the binder which covers the entire body and gives it shape and in it we find a number of nerve endings, blood vessels and lymph ducts. There are a lot of benefits that are achieved using techniques such as stretching of connective tissue, restoring mobility of the dermis and hypodermis and the transformation of collagen. Yet one of the most important action is a reflex action over central nervous system reactions in distant organs. Mechanism action manifests treatment zones on the skin (cutaneous areal and dermatome) through which we get direct stimulation of certain organs and muscles with which is the zone associated.


A massage technique with the purpose of striking a balance between fluids in the body. Devised by Dr. Vodder in the 1930s.The technique is done with an extremely gentle pressure and slow pace. It is performed partially for better efficiency. In addition to the draining action technique it also stimulates the autonomic nervous system and immunity.


Mesotherapic technique that is done through specific, deep, slow and progressive procedures using forearms and elbows leads to reorganization Mand changes in tension in the muscle fascia (deep muscle decontraction) and stimulating blood circulation and metabolism. The treatment works to increase energy levels in the body and adds a large contribution in improving posture.